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Pure stainless steel

Stainless-steel rain shower head

With its crystal clear waters and sublime mountain panoramas, Lago di Como is the pearl of northern Italy. Right here, at the foot of Monte San Primo, lies the cradle of the COMO by VALLONE® tap collection – made with passion according to decades of Italian craftsmanship and exclusively from the purest stainless steel. Minimalist design with maximum style – classic in matte brushed stainless steel or in one of the three finishes brushed gold, smooth bronze or gunmetal black.

Como 21
Rain shower head, made of brushed stainless steel, 7,5 mm thickness
Compatible shower arms: COMO 22, COMO 23, COMO 24
Diameter 320 mm
Material stainless steel
Finish brushed matt


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2.86 kg
como 21
faq about the product
What is the flow rate of the COMO 21 rain shower head?

The COMO 21 rain shower head has a flow rate of 15 L/min.

Which other VALLONE® products can be combined with the COMO 21 tap?

The COMO 21 tap can be ideally combined with the COMO 22, COMO 23 or COMO 24 shower arms.

How do I clean the nozzles of the rain shower head?

To clean the outlet nozzles on the rain shower head, simply run your finger over the nozzles. Since the nozzles are made of rubber, lime scale and dirt are easily removed with this method.

Do VALLONE® taps comply with the applicable regulations and technical standards for sanitary products?

All VALLONE® taps use high-quality components certified according to recognized industry standards by international testing laboratories. All relevant and water-bearing components of our taps are suitable for drinking water and