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minimal design.
maximum style.

High quality bathroom taps made in Italy.

taps by vallone®.
quality craftsmanship from northern Italy.

VALLONE® develops purist, elegant, and functionally sophisticated bathrooms. Designs that not only look good, but meet the highest standards in materials and manufacturing. Our high-quality tap collections are also manufactured under the strictest quality controls in traditional Italian factories. This allows us to ensure excellent workmanship and compliance with all applicable norms and standards. The result is taps that combine minimalist design with maximum style and comfort.


Purist design & the highest material standards: High-quality stainless steel taps in four different color finishes—brushed steel, brushed gold, smooth bronze and gunmetal black.


Iconic design meets maximum manufacturing precision—wrapped in a minimalist color concept. Ultra-matte finish, uncompromising quality, versatile and compatible application.


high quality standard

DVGW-certified components.

VALLONE® taps are manufactured using high quality components that are certified according to recommended standards by international testing laboratories. The COMO and NOYA concealed installation units are DVGW-certified.
classic italian design

Minimalist, elegant taps.

Restrained elegance: timeless design language and clean lines characterize VALLONE® taps. Whether it's the circular finish of COMO taps or the timeless color scheme of the NOYA series, VALLONE® taps complete high-end bathroom concepts.
maximum hygiene

Ideal for use in the bathroom.

Stainless steel and brass taps are corrosion resistant, hygienic, and ideal for use in the bathroom. The surface textures of stainless steel and powder-coated brass are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, making daily cleaning and maintenance extremely simple.


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