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The new
of smart

NANO by VALLONE®: a symbiosis of purist design and innovative technology. While the delicate design of the sink collection with its minimal corner radii inspires in terms of aesthetics, the FENIXNTM® nanomaterial meets functional demands in the bathroom. FENIXNTM® has an extremely matte surface that reflects very little light. The nanomaterial has an exceptionally smooth feel and keeps with interior design trends: smart materials, matte surfaces and modern colors.

Nano masswaschtisch beige arizona vallone landscape
Nano masswaschtisch vallone vertical
LAX floating duo
Nano masswaschtisch beige arizona vallone landscape
Nano masswaschtisch vallone vertical
LAX floating duo
Nano masswaschtisch beige arizona vallone landscape
Nano masswaschtisch vallone vertical
LAX floating duo

nano by vallone

soft shadows.
strong surface.

NANO brings purist elegance to the bathroom: The sink is custom-made to your requirements and is available in various color options, with a possible total length of up to 270 cm. NANO is versatile and configurable according to individual needs: with single or double basins, wall-mounted or integrated into our VALLONE furniture collections. NANO is also available as a custom-made sink console, e.g. for placing a countertop sink.


nano cover integrated into LAX bathroom furniture, Finish: Beige Arizona

Length: 200 cm, Finish: Fenix Beige Arizona, Sink: Nano Cover Beige Arizona
Wall-mounted basin set with basin spout made of stainless steel, various projections
Rectangular mirror with rear aluminium frame

For an ultra-matte and clean look, NANO sinks can be perfectly combined with bathroom furniture from the LAX series in FENIXNTM® . Whether as an integrated or free-hanging combination, in both warm beige or purist gray tones: Create your own minimalist, elegant style.

innovative material

shades of nano.

FENIXNTM® is an innovative nanomaterial that has an extremely matte surface and an exceptionally soft feel. Inspired by nature, the material has a lotus blossom effect: It reflects very little light, which gives the surface an extremely opaque and super-soft look. Fingerprints are barely visible and water rolls off elegantly. Given the demands of bathroom use, FENIXNTM® is optimal and easy to clean. Its shape memory also enables the thermal treatment of micro-scratches. Even dark designs can be realized stylishly with FENIXNTM®, so NANO fulfills two interior design trends at once: smart materials and matte surfaces in modern colors.


customized for you.

Individual customization of your sink.

Flexible in design: We custom-manufacture every single FENIX® NANO sink individually, especially for you. Whether as a single or double sink, for integration into a base cabinet or for wall mounting: NANO comes to you in a way that fits your personal planning.
Ultra-matte design

Soft-touch surface with low light reflection.

Insensitive and easy to clean: The low light reflectivity of the surface provides an extremely matte look and a fascinating feel – perfectly coordinated with the collection's organic-modern color world.
maximally hygienic.

Lotus effect for the highest hygiene standards

FENIX NTM® is a homogeneous and non-porous material. Its smooth surface allows water to run off quickly and creates a “lotus effect” that facilitates cleaning and ensures optimum hygiene. The impermeable surface prevents the penetration of dirt, germs, and mold spores.
Simply smooth out scratches

FENIX® allows the thermal repair of the surface.

Smart and robust: The innovative nanomaterial is particularly resistant to scratches, abrasion, and heat. FENIX® has an integrated memory function so that thermal repair of surface scratches can restore the surface to its original condition.

Uniformly elegant, even on dark surfaces.

The ultra-matte FENIX® surface and the beading effect ensure that fingerprints disappear by themselves on every product in the NANO series – which means that even dark surfaces always look flawless.
easy to clean.

Integrated stainless steel basins for effortless maintenance.

The nanomaterial is extremely simple to clean due to its non-porous and antibacterial surface. The integrated undermount sink made of high-quality stainless steel provides additional comfort and durability.
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