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the key factor for the future: sustainability

At VALLONE®, we have made it our mission to strive towards sustainability in our industry. The careful use of resources and climate-friendly action are yardsticks for everything we do. We would like to become even better in the future – in keeping with the sense of pureness that your bathroom should convey.

What does sustainability mean to us? On the one hand, it’s in our compreshensive efforts to become more and more sustainable as a company, paying attention to every detail. On the other, it’s in our very specific focus on the essential factors of materials, product responsibility, supply chain, and people.

supply chain.

Central criteria for sustainable action at VALLONE®

natural. pure.

Our material portfolio includes carefully selected sustainable materials that meet maximum hygiene standards. These natural materials, some of them constructed in an innovative way, form the basis of our designs.

Our signature VELVET STONE® material is made from natural minerals and bio-based resins, combining the best of both worlds: maximum design precision and extreme resilience. The material is repairable, durable, and 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

made in italy.

Italian design. German precision. This is not only the benchmark for our quality, but also focuses specifically on short, manageable supply chains. Almost all of our items and furniture are manufactured in northern Italy according to state-of-the-art industry standards – DIN certified, resource-conserving and strictly controlled. We regularly visit our production sites and maintain close contact with our local colleagues.

built to last.

For us, durability is a key factor in the sustainable manufacture of products. We want VALLONE® bathroom fixtures to last you a lifetime. Therefore we attach great importance to durability and timeless, elegant design.

Maintenance and reparability are also taken into account from the outset. Repair kits, spare parts service and technical advice from our after sales team ensure that your VALLONE® object accompanies you for as long as possible. Product safety and quality are also certified by a DVGW certificate, CE indication and strict compliance with DIN standards.

respectful. together.

People and their well-being are at the center of everything we do, not only in the development of our products, but also in our work together. Whether at our partners in Italy or here with us in our offices and showrooms: Diversity, equal opportunities and participation are lived values at VALLONE®, as is the promotion of personal and professional development.

continuous improvement.

We do our very best – and yet we are convinced that we can always do even better, including in our corporate routines. We have already been able to achieve some things: Our bathroom furniture is made using only FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry. Our bathtub and sink packaging is made exclusively of recyclable materials, and we pay attention to reducing packaging sizes and make proper disposal easier via QR codes. Our taps have water-saving aerators, and for all bathtubs and countertop sinks we use bio-based resins derived from corn. Our lookbooks, installation instructions, and data sheets are also offered digitally, and we only send physical copies when they are explicitly requested. But all this is just the start of our journey towards more sustainability in bathroom design.

We are completely convinced: Small steps can end up achieving big things. We understand sustainability as a continuous improvement process that is firmly anchored in our corporate culture


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