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A materials portfolio curated by our bathroom experts and designers. Carefully selected finishes and color spectrums that make for harmonious and holistically balanced bathroom concepts.

materials and cleaning

material world

vallone’s look and feel

VALLONE® materials include a wide range of organic, sustainable, and innovative products that meet the highest demands in terms of design, quality, and hygiene – for the realization of individual, puristic, and timeless designer bathrooms. From natural wood and solid surface materials to innovative nano-material with shape memory effect. The matte finishes of the materials are complemented by restrained, organic colors, and they enhance the purist designs.

velvet stone®

solid surface material

VELVET STONE® is an innovative and sustainable solid surface material: During the manufacturing process, natural minerals (ATH) combine with high-quality composites to create a unique and hypoallergenic material formula. The admixture of high-quality, bio-based resins, the low proportion of acrylic polymers, and high-purity polyester make VELVET STONE® an ecologically outstanding material. The composition of the raw materials and the manufacturing process make bathroom items made from VELVET STONE® extremely resilient and durable – 100% solid surface.



mineral material

Corian®: an innovative and extremely robust mineral material. The manufacturing process makes a homogeneous product out of high-quality raw materials that is particularly resistant to impact, scratching, and wear. Recyclable components mean that Corian® is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The non-porous surface structure is dirt-resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal and meets the highest hygiene standards for indoor areas.


fenix ntm

innovative nanomaterial

FenixNTM is an innovative nanomaterial featuring shape memory and lotus effect: The multi-coated, cured material is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, and household cleaners. Electron beam hardening gives the surface shape memory, which means that micro-scratches can be easily ironed out. The non-porous surface is dirt-resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal, so it fulfills the highest hygiene standards for indoor areas.


porcelain stoneware


Porcelain stoneware is an extremely resilient mineral material with a versatile and natural look and feel: it’s ideal for high-quality and holistic bathroom concepts. Porcelain stoneware is a ceramic product with exceptional material properties: it’s hygienic, resilient, and natural. The closed surface structure makes the material dirt-resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal – ideal for use in rooms with maximum hygiene requirements. The natural look and feel of the stone will last for years, even with intensive use.



apua collection

Marble – a material that was formed millions of years ago under extreme pressure and extreme temperatures due to the movement of tectonic plates. The main component of marble is crystalline limestone. This makes marble a natural and, compared to other rocks, rather soft, porous material that must be handled with care and attention in everyday life.


stainless steel

AISI 304

One of the most natural and durable materials: 100% natural stainless steel features properties that are ideal for high-quality bathroom concepts. Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to care for – unbeatably environmentally friendly, virtually indestructible, and thus extremely durable and sustainable. The high corrosion resistance of this easy-care material, along with its optimal hygienic properties, is one of the reasons for using stainless steel in the bathroom.


brass coated

powder coated

Maximum manufacturing precision and innovative technology make the coated surfaces extremely resilient and easy to clean. The ultra-matte, color-intensive coating is chemically resistant and – with proper care using mild cleaning products and cotton cloths – remains in good shape for years.


ceramic matte

for VALLONE® toilets

Matte ceramic made in Italy with ideal properties for hygienic and easy-care sanitary items. The Roman ceramic used for our toilet series impresses with its semigloss feel and extreme durability. The material is characterized by its hygienic properties, as bacteria and germs cannot survive on the non-porous surface.


Cleaning and care

easy to clean.
hygienic and safe.

The VALLONE® Care Guide contains all the important information you need on care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of our products.


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