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vallone at milan design week

Fabian Freytag


Presenting TIORE
in ALCOVA at Milan
Design Week 2024.

Together with the renowned designer and architect Fabian Freytag, VALLONE® has created a pioneering piece of furniture that redefines the boundaries of design in the bathroom. The collaboratively developed washbasin, called TIORE, will be presented for the first time at Milan Design Week.

One unit, one whole, sculpture and function: TIORE is the result of a lively and extravagant collaboration between FABIAN FREYTAG Studio and VALLONE®. The aim: to create a design object that combines washbasin, furniture, fitting, mirror and light - bold, striking and in an unmistakably strong design language. VALLONE® and Fabian Freytag have translated their passion for design and aesthetics into a holistic wash altar that modifies the bathroom and living space. Balanced proportions, strong character and high-quality materials result in a complex, sophisticated design and maximum functionality.



Stay tuned: Available from summer 2024.

Five components, each designed, planned and implemented down to the last detail: The holistic washbasin can be positioned flexibly in the room and comprises a vanity unit, basin with side shelves, an integrated tap, mirror and lamp.

The T-shaped composition of furniture and countertop basin is broken up by the harmonious interplay of the permanently installed fitting, mirror and lamp, creating a delicate aesthetic. The combination of exquisite color nuances and exceptional natural stone completes the overall sculptural aesthetic.

Sculpture & Function 

The name "TIORE" is an artistic fusion of the Italian words "Torre" (tower) and "Fiore" (flower) and verbally underlines the elegant fusion of design and technical sophistication that characterizes this extraordinary work. The striking silhouette is reminiscent of a tower, while the organic shapes and gentle curves of the fitting evoke the association of a flower in full bloom.

VELVET STONE® and marble: two materials with a strong character that harmonize with ease.

Selected color nuances and exceptional natural stone can be individually combined to create exceptional and expressive compositions. There is a choice of four shades and six types of marble, which can be combined either as a basin or base unit. The combination and interaction of these two materials played an important role in the design process. The skilful combination of natural stone and solid surface material creates a fascinating contrast that emphasizes the sculptural form and at the same time creates a harmonious balance between the materials.

"The unveiling of TIORE at Milan Design Week marks a milestone in the world of bathroom interiors and sets new standards for elegance, innovation and functionality" - Fabian Freytag


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