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reduced design.
rectangular shapes.

Reduced design meets maximum comfort – RIALE BY VALLONE®

Smooth or
shower trays.

Reduced design meets maximum comfort – the RIALE by VALLONE® shower tray collections provide modern solutions for your shower area. Both designs, RIALE CLASSIC and RIALE LOFT, are available in various dimensions and can be installed at ground level or surface mounted. All shower trays are made of high-quality Mineralmarmo®, a resilient material made of natural minerals and durable resins.


Black & white: Purist design in two different colors and surface structures. The smooth and stone finishes can be combined with various surfaces and floor coverings and can be installed at ground level or surface mounted.

The concrete structure of RIALE LOFT (available in white, black, or gray) emphasizes the urban-elegant design of the shower trays, which can be installed at ground level or surface-mounted.

real comfort

RIALE shower tray collections

easy to clean

Maximum hygiene.

The fine, non-porous surface structure keeps dirt, germs and discoloration from clinging to it. Commercially available cleaning agents are sufficient for the daily cleaning of Mineralmarmo® surfaces.
super slim design

Ground level or surface mounted.

Due to the minimum height of only 3 cm, the shower trays can be installed either at ground level or on top. RIALE allows for flexible bathroom design and seamless transitions.
your size

Shower trays in various dimensions.

To meet the needs of our customers, the shower trays can be configured in different dimensions. RIALE can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of needs.

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