Bathroom mirror by VALLONE®

Circular mirror with stainless steel frame

The perfect framed circle: Framed in matte black or white, RAY adds an attractive twist to minimalist bathroom interiors. This high-quality and handmade mirror rounds out overall compositions consisting of a sink, tap, and bathroom furniture in a modern but timeless manner. High-quality materials and lighting technology explicitly certified for use in the bathroom (IP44) make the mirror the preferred choice of demanding customers. To achieve an individual bathroom design, RAY can be configured in six different diameters – providing solutions ranging from a small guest toilet to the XXL variant in a spacious master bathroom.

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Round mirror with black frame, LED backlight (3000K warm white, IP44 = protected against splash water). LED backlight with silicone cover for even diffusion of light. Made in Italy.


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6.8 kg
faq about the product
Is there anything I should know about cleaning the black frame?

Commercially available cleaning agents and cotton cloths are sufficient for cleaning the black frame.

How is the mirror lighting controlled?

The LED lighting of the mirror must be connected to the electrical circuit of the room. The LED lighting is switched on and off via the main circuit switch. Installation of the lighting should be carried out by an electrician.

Is the mirror lighting suitable for damp spaces such as the bathroom?

The lighting is protected from splashing water (IP44), making it ideal for damp spaces such as the bathroom.

Does the included power supply have a dimming function?

The delivered items include a power supply unit without dimmer. If a dimmer is desired, an electrician can replace the included power supply with a dimmable one (available at any electrical supply store) during installation. The dimmable power supply unit must have at least the same specifications in terms of wattage and voltage as the provided power supply unit.

How should the mirror be mounted to the wall?

The mirror is supplied with the required installation material. The installation instructions contain detailed information on the proper installation of the mirror.


LED light

All-round LED backlight.

RAY is supplied with LED backlighting in 3000 K warm white. Indirect lighting simultaneously provides brightness and ambience in the bathroom.
your size

Bathroom mirrors in various dimensions.

RAY can be configured in different sizes: Whether as a small version (diameter 60 cm) or as an XL mirror face (diameter 120 cm): RAY can be adapted to all bathroom concepts.

The perfect circle – framed.

RAY literally rounds off modern bathroom concepts. The circular mirror surface, framed in matte black, harmonizes perfectly with straight-edged bathroom items or round countertop sinks.
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