Straight design that gives an edge

Custom-made sink in Corian®

QORO SLOPE is characterized by a gentle slope of the basin, reminiscent of the natural watercourse of a river – a stylish tribute to nature. QORO SLOPE can be configured according to customer requirements: Whether with one or two sinks, wall mounted or counter mounted, in combination with our TREMEZZO, LAX, or ONE UP furniture collections.

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faq about the product
What is the difference between QORO COVER, SLOPE, and BLADE designs?

The difference between the various designs of QORO sinks is the basin design. QORO SLOPE is characterized by a slightly sloped basin, which allows the water to drain gently to the rear. In the QORO BLADE design, the drain is covered by a removable rectangular cover. QORO COVER has an inset cover plate, along the edges of which the water drains away and seems to disappear.

What QORO sink combinations are possible?

Ideally, the customized QORO SLOPE, COVER and BLADE sinks are combined with the VALLONE® ONEup, LAX and TREMEZZO furniture collections, either as wall-mounted or integrated versions.

How are QORO sinks cleaned?

QORO sinks are made of continuous CORIAN® mineral material and are simple to clean. A commercial detergent, warm water, and a soft cotton cloth are sufficient for daily cleaning. For more information on cleaning, please refer to the VALLONE® Care Guide.

Where can the tap and associated tap hole be positioned?

The tap hole on QORO sinks can be placed to the right or left of the basin, as well as behind it. Alternatively, it is possible to combine the sink with a wall spout.


qoro loves corian.

Design, quality and comfort in perfect balance.

Corian® combines functionality with innovative design: The continuous solid surface material is particularly hard-wearing, scratch and wear resistant; the professional workmanship allows minimal corner radii and straight contours. For flawless beauty, for a lifetime.
maximally hygienic.

Non-porous surface with seamless contours.

The non-porous surface prevents the penetration of dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses into the surface. This makes Corian® perfect for high-quality, purist bathroom solutions and also for demanding healthcare environments.
recyclable & sustainable.

Long product life with freedom from harmful chemicals.

As a low-VOC material, Corian® solid surface is free of hazardous chemicals, supporting better indoor air quality and green building certification. Due to its renewability and reparability, Corian® allows for a very long product life.
customized for you.

Individual customization of your sink.

Flexible in design: We custom manufacture every single Corian® sink individually for you. Whether as a single or double sink, for integration into a base cabinet or for wall mounting: This means that QORO comes to you whenever fits your personal planning.
easy to clean.

Easy cleaning that preserves natural beauty.

Corian® is characterized by its ease of handling: Stains and soiling can be easily removed with standard cleaning agents in accordance with the care instructions (VALLONE Care Guide or Corian® manufacturer's instructions).

Resilient and tough. Repairable if necessary.

In daily use, Corian® is impact, scratch and wear resistant even in high traffic areas. External damage caused by improper handling can normally be repaired on site without having to replace the material.


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can be combined with vallone bathroom furniture

QORO custom-made sinks can be combined with all VALLONE Furniture Collections.

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