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The beauty of stone.
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Porcelain stoneware sink console

A collection that combines the precious raw materials of our Earth with minimalist timeless aesthetics. In an elegant play of contrasts, LITHO is simple yet striking, resilient yet gentle. The organic, natural color nuances – from sandstone to cement to limestone – make the LITHO sink collection a tactile as well as visual experience. Made of antibacterial porcelain stoneware with durable, organic materials as a base and according to the highest manufacturing standards, the result is a collection that sets new standards in bathroom design.

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faq about the product
How do I clean LITHO Boards?

LITHO Boards are made of high quality and resilient porcelain stoneware and are easy to clean. The closed surface structure makes the material
dirt-resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal – ideal for use in rooms with maximum hygiene requirements. A commercial detergent, warm water, and a soft cotton cloth are sufficient for daily cleaning. Further information on cleaning our products is available in the VALLONE® Care Guide.

Which basins can be combined with the LITHO Boards?

The LITHO Boards can be combined with all VALLONE® countertop sinks.

Which VALLONE® furniture collections can be combined with LITHO Boards?

LITHO Boards can be combined with the VALLONE® LAX furniture collection. The LAX base cabinet can be mounted on the wall as a floating option or placed on the floor.

Where can the tap and associated tap hole be positioned?

With LITHO Boards, the tap hole can be placed to the right or left of the basin, as well as behind it. Alternatively, it is possible to combine the sink with a wall spout.


made to measure. made for you.

Each LITHO console is made individually for you.

LITHO can be configured individually. The length, depth and height can be configured as desired. LITHO comes to you whenever fits your personal planning.
Organic color worlds.

LITHO embodies the timeless aesthetics of nature.

Rock, stone, earth and sand – elements that tell of the origin of our world. With LITHO we have created a series of custom-made sinks made of porcelain stoneware, which brings a piece of original nature to your home.
easy to clean.

Dirt resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal.

The surfaces of LITHO are easy to maintain. Even with intensive use and cleaning, the material is resistant to scratches and abrasion and, thanks to the antibacterial surface, is also suitable for rooms with the highest hygiene requirements. Warm water and a neutral cleaner are sufficient for cleaning.
recyclable & sustainable.

A tribute to nature – and to its protection.

LITHO is made of 100% natural porcelain stoneware and does not release harmful substances. Porcelain stoneware is recyclable and VOC-free. Due to its natural composition, the material can be recycled in other production cycles.
feels like nature.

Naturalness that you can see and feel.

The natural character of the material is emphasized by its authentic feel: The different textures, from sandstone to cement, and the organic, natural color nuances make every LITHO sink both a visual and tactile experience.
durable & strong.

Resistant and hard-wearing: LITHO provides many years of enjoyment.

Made of high-quality porcelain stoneware, LITHO has exceptional material properties: Under enormous pressure and high temperatures, porcelain stoneware is manufactured into a resilient material that is ideally suited for use in the bathroom.


Request a free sample now and experience the material up close.


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