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Bathroom design by Vallone

VALLONE® versteht sich als Boutique für avantgardistisches Bad-Design mit internationalem Flair. Unsere extravaganten Bad-Kollektionen basieren auf unserem Markenversprechen, Ihrem Bad mehr Stil und Wohnlichkeit zu verleihen. Mit einem attraktiven Preis-Leistungs-Niveau möchten wir dazu beitragen, dass modernes Bad-Design kein elitärer Luxus mehr sein muss. VALLONE® versprüht in Ihrem Bad den Charme gehobener Hotel-Suites. Sie werden feststellen: Nie haben Sie sich hier wohler gefühlt.

Build your own backstage

The home bathroom is no longer a space of functionality. Modern living and interior design concepts understand the bathroom as a private backstage area. With this comes a growing interest in aesthetics, design and ambience. VALLONE® offers the matching products.

Homogeneous crafting

The casting technique enables fine lines combined with enormous stability in our products. The luminous white surface will lend a particular charm to your bathroom space.

Premium quality directly from the manufacturer

Shopping in our online boutique or at our show room, our clients benefit from our modern distribution concept: VALLONE® stands for premium quality for excellent conditions, yet to be matched elsewhere.

"A bathroom represents the central spot of privacy in modern home decor: A place to start and end your day, a place to get ready for special occasions, and last but not least a place where you can be yourself."


A tribute to nature

VALLONE® offers high class design sinks and bathtubs, manufactured from a premium mineral VELVET STONE. Clean and stripped off unnecessary details, our products form the centre piece of your new classical or extravagant bathroom space. As suggested in our brand name (VALLONE®: italian for „valley“), our product designs are inspired by famous valleys and natural sites. A tribute to their organic, pure form as well as a reference to the tranquil and refreshing experience, our VALLONE® products will offer.

Hard as Stone. Soft as Velvet

VALLONE® combines excellent design with high end materials. In regard to our individual product form and the soft surface, we developed VELVET STONE™, an exclusive mineral cast, highly solid and sturdy as well as flexible for ideal fabrication. Learn more about VELVET STONE™ by VALLONE®.

Our Material: Velvet Stone™ by VALLONE®

Velvet Stone™ by VALLONE® embodies the optimal solution for everybody expecting sophisticated surfaces that provide both look and quality. Products made out of Velvet Stone™ ensure resilience and lasting comfort.

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